Les Margotons


Just the once won't hurt in Burgundy , this cuvée is not named after a 'climat'. It pays tribute to Philippe and Catherine Pascal's daughter, Marguerite, who has been greatly involved in the domain's takeover. This 1,5-acre-parcel is situated on the La Creuse climat between the famous Les Champs-Martins first growth in Mercurey and the first vineyards with the Rully appellation. The landscape there is rather rugged forming a small basin at the bottom of the parcel. The thirty-year-old vines benefit from a north-east exposure on a 10% gradient slope. Chardonnay is at ease on this type of soil composed of rather deep white marl.
All these features give the terroir a slow to mature profile that encourages one to patience. These vines are harvested one week later than the others.

Wine making

The grapes are first sorted out on the vines then, if necessary, there may be a second sorting in the winery on a special sorting table. After a gentle pressing, the must is left to settle naturally for about 12 hours. This light racking of the lees enables the wine to keep a good substrate, thus being protected from oxidation and as a consequence preserve all its flavour richness.
It is then poured by gravity into barrels where it will ferment. Les Margotons are vinified in one to three year-old casks (no new oak) from 12 to 15 months. During this period, the wine is left undisturbed except for a few stirrings of the lees: this aims at keeping the mineral and fresh character to this terroir wine. Before bottling, the wine spends about two months in vats in order to homogenize its components. The winery benefits from a four- level structure enabling to handle the harvest by gravity from the arrival of the grapes to the bottling operation, without any pumping.

Vintage features

2014 was a year full of contrasts. After a mild and humid winter, spring was definitely sunny. June rapidly took on summer looks. A 35° heat peak was registered on the vines as early as the beginning of the month. Flowering started on the 5th of June or so in excellent weather conditions. During the summer, August rains aroused some worries but September was finally dry and bright. These conditions enabled sugar to concentrate in the bunches, however you had to be patient before launching the harvest. The beautiful late-autumn weather that is very often found in Burgundy, gave us the opportunity to harvest well-matured Chardonnays from the 17th of September on. Supported by a beautiful acidity, the wines display a straightforward and pure mouthfeel. Each of them is particularly representative of its terroir. Les Margotons 2014 vintage was bottled on the 10th of December 2015.


This lace-like wine is very delicate and finely chiselled; it perfectly represents both its terroir and its vintage. Nicely homogeneous woody fragrances display vanilla hints while respecting the floral and lemony character of the wine. The palate is beautifully fresh. This pure and well-shaped Margotons will be served with distinction to accompany starters for example.

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