Everything begins in the vineyard

Producing the best grapes is a constant challenge

Only the highest quality grapes can produce great wines

Since the taking over of the Cellier's vines in 2006, the property has stopped using herbicides and pesticides, returning to regular working and ploughing of the soil to encourage deeper roots, stimulate soil organisms, and let Nature take its course. This "rebirth" of the vineyard has seen a return of numerous flora and fauna with an impressive biodiversity: coveys of young partridges, hares, wild orchids... and numerous weeds, requiring manual hoeing. The Domaine has chosen very light equipment to avoid compacting the soil, including a small single-row caterpillar tractor ideal for hillsides, whose weight when distributed on its tracks compacts the soil less than a horse's hoof. Pruning is severe with cordon training enabling the sap flow and production for each vine to be regulated. After the spring pruning, a green harvest is carried out if necessary to reduce the number of bunches per vine. Flower abortion and uneven grape size are common on the slopes at the Cellier aux Moines, and help to reduce yields, which never exceed 35 hectolitres per hectare on the central and upper areas. The vines are gently trimmed in order to increase the leaf area. In the summer, some leaves are removed manually on the side on which the sun rises and near the grapes to ensure good air flow around the bunches. The grapes are harvested by hand, as late as possible in order to obtain fully matured sugars and tannins. The top of the hill at the Cellier aux Moines is quite windy, and while rain is always a risk in September, the wind quickly dries the rows of vines and the grapes. The Cellier aux Moines is often the last property to harvest its grapes in the village of Givry. Nothing is better than the last rays of late summer sunshine to produce concentrated Pinot Noir grapes that are rich in sugar and aromas. Every year, four or five different plots are harvested separately depending on when they reach optimal ripeness, which is determined by the age of the vines and their location in the Clos. Picked using secateurs and placed carefully in ventilated crates, the grapes are immediately transported in the vat room in the Cellier where they are rigorously sorted. The vibrating sorting table enables the selection of only the perfectly ripe, healthy grapes for vinification.  Every vintage brings its share of surprises in terms of weather in this continental climate, which is suited to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  

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